Welcome to Memphis!


Bike Walk Tennessee is pleased to announce that the 6th Annual Tennessee Bike Summit will be held at the Historic Cossitt Library in downtown Memphis.  


Portions of the Cossitt Library were built in the late 19th century - and remain among the most historic spaces in the City of Memphis. 


The spires are gone, but the back portion of the original historic building remains as seen below. 



Cossitt has become an important civic space on the Memphis riverfront, hosting meetings to discuss how public space can be used to facilitate a robust public life.

The historic library is in fact part of a larger project to activate the Downtown Memphis Riverfront, an effort to "Reimagine the Civic Commons" by tying together a number of public assets on the riverfront in downtown Memphis.


For example, The City of Memphis also set up an ice skating rink at Mississippi River Park this winter.



Activating Memphis Park through simple means - like the use of inviting lawn furniture - has been an innovative and effective strategy for encouraging people to spend time in the park.


Fourth Bluff Fridays, an event held in the Fall of 2016 at Memphis Park, regularly attracted hundreds of people to Civic Commons and the Fourth Bluff.


A new pedestrian bridge connects Cossitt to Memphis Park and the University of Memphis Law School.


Bike Walk Tennessee is grateful to the City of Memphis Public Library and Information Center for hosting the 2017 Tennessee Bike Summit at the Historic Cossitt Library.  See you in Memphis in May!